Platinum Hanjue Hotel

Platinum hanjue create boutique rooms in the Yangtze River Delta, is the most warm palace on your journey. The biggest characteristic is hanjue rooms, people can bring the sweet sleep, Home Furnishing atmosphere warm, soft light, circular transparent shower room design romantic, soft bedding and mattress is designed according to the mechanics of human body, make every guest get enough sleep.

Hanjue hotel features eight
1、24 hours oxygen bar

The role of oxygen bar: negative ion generator through the manufacture of negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions can effectively activate the oxygen molecules in the air to make it more active and then absorbed by the body, can promote the body's metabolism, improve immunity, regulate the balance of function, it is refreshing, is known as "air vitamin." When the air produces enough negative oxygen ions, people even in the fighting room can also be in the forest and waterfall next to the general, feel relaxed and happy. Breathe fresh enough oxygen can not only eliminate fatigue, make energetic, healthy, skin beauty is also very good.

2、Independent raw drinking water system
 Features: can be directly consumed. Purified water taste pure, safe, health, can be directly Health drink. Automatic flushing: products with sewage function, timely impurities, viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances discharged, effectively avoid the filter plug pollution, prolong the service life of ultrafiltration membrane. High-precision pure physical filtration - multi-stage filtration combination: food-grade ultrafiltration membrane + imported KDF, filtration accuracy of up to 0.00001mm, complete filtration of bacteria, algae poison, rust, colloid, suspended solids, macromolecular organic matter Harmful substances, while retaining water beneficial to the human body minerals and trace elements, filtration safety, more thorough.

3、Round transparent shower room
Round transparent shower room, creating a romantic home atmosphere. 

4、Intelligent automatic integration toilet
"Automatic washing", "automatic deodorant" and a series of sensor function, the perfect interpretation of artificial intelligence, the use of coke sensors, induction more sensitive. Set warm water, warm air drying, insulation cover, intelligent deodorant in a function. One-piece design, do not take up more space, fashion, simplicity. All-inclusive bottom, clean more easily. 

5、78 satellite TV channels

6、Each room has a 24-hour wireless or high-speed broadband connection.

7、According to the human body mechanics design furniture. According to the process of ergonomic design of the mattress, so that guests sleep, the body's bones are fully relaxed and rest.

8、High-end sofa furniture.

Service Facilities
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